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JINGLES GOOD FRIDAY with DJ ABASS at Cyprus Gardens, London

JINGLES GOOD FRIDAY with DJ ABASS at Cyprus Gardens, London

Friday 30th March 2018

Jingles GOOD FRIDAY with DJ ABASS & Dj Whateva DATE: Friday 30th March 2018 ADMISSION: Limited FREE b4 11.30pm Tickets (Ends March 5) Then £10 in Advance, More on the door

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DJAMEDIA is a leading self-contained independent media & event consultancy outfit, specialising in first class entertainment events management and full media campaigns for targeted demographics within Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK.

We have a holistic media approach that incorporates communication outlets like Television, Radio, SMS and Email viral campaigns, Social Network Sites (Facebook & Twitter) and very recently Blackberry Messenger shoot outs.

Our past projects include numerous comedy and musical concerts, the Nigerian Stand @ the Notting-Hill Carnival, Movie Premieres, PR, Album & Product Launches, Celebrity After-Parties and Awards Events.

Our previous clients include airlines, banks, drinks companies and tv stations that we continue to provide media services for targeting  Afro-Caribbean demography in the UK.